Become more Mindful, Think New Thoughts,  Manage Your Stress

We each allow ourselves to create stress during our workday. The following activities will help you become more aware of your thoughts and manage stress. Which ones do you think you'd like to try?describe the image

  • Incorporate more exercise and physical activity in small bursts in your day;
  • Do things that bring you joy, are fun and make you laugh;
  • Do things that energize and revitalize you;
  • Develop a positive attitude, appreciation or gratitude for things in your life;
  • Take a de-stress management class at work or through your health plan;
  • Incorporate deep breathing exercises throughout the day;describe the image
  • Incorporate stretching exercises throughout the day;
  • Use your commute to and from work to read a book, listen to music, or listen to visualization tracks with sounds of the ocean;
  • Pay attention to time, learn from a time management course;
  • Learn and practice meditation, under your favorite tree or at your favorite place in nature;
  • Participate in a yoga, tai chi, or stretching class on the weekends;
  • Wind down with your favorite physical activity or stretching video in the evening;
  • When possible, find something FUN to do on weekends. Go for long walks, or plan some active activities with family and friends....walks, picnics, or bike rides together. describe the image
  • Take a relaxing, hot bath and create your favorite environment with your favorite scents (lavender is relaxing);
  • Dance at home to your favorite music, any time of day, alone or with friends
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