Improving Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy nutrition and mindful eating habits are essential for overall health and effective weight management. This is not a secret. I'll provide you with only credible and proven information about nutrition during our coaching sessions -- no fads or unproven trendy diets -- so you can make dietary changes to reach your goals.

I'll help you figure out a plan that is not only effective, but practical as well. We'll work together to make sure we come up with changes that appeal to both your taste buds and your schedule!

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I propose we begin with some general nutritional goals:

  • Eat healthier lower calorie snacks, apples, sunflower seeds, hummus; 

  • Eat healhier, whole foods in restaurants, fish, Non-GMO, plant based and whole grain choices  are best;

  • Reduce fat, particularly saturated fat, to help decrease risk of heart disease;

  • Increase daily water consumption, eliminate sodas or sugar laden beverages; 

  • Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products;

  • Gradually increase dietary fiber to 25-35 grams per day ( high fiber foods help with weight control and elimination by providing a more satisfied feeling when eaten, decreasing the likelihood of overeating)

  • Decrease consumption of processed, high fat foods, anything artificial and sweets;

  • Substitute low fat fish and chicken for red meat, tell the cow to stay in the pasture; 

  • Substitute cold, first pressed extra virgin olive oil for vegetable or palm oil;

  • Have a small quantity of dark chocolate every now and then. Some people find it easier not to eat any chocolate except on special occasions -- think about what you want to do.