Four Fitness Tips, Improve Your Exercise Habits

You've heard a million times how important physical activity is for a healthful lifestyle. Increasing your physical activity throughout the day will increase your energy (I promise!), burn body fat, improve your health, and improve longevity and aging. 

You'll also have an easier time sticking to a healthful diet if you're physically active. This doesn't have to be high-intensity exercise for a half-hour or more to "count." In fact, research has shown that several short bouts of exercise can give you the same benefit as a long session.

And there's no need to go all out - you get terrific results from exercise done at a moderate level. So that means that if you have ten minutes, do ten minutes. If you're in work clothes and can't jog, just walk. If you can increase your physical activity, even modestly it will be much easier to maintain or lose weight for the rest of your life and you'll look better and feel better.

Here are a few recommendations for aerobic exercise, strength-training, as well as flexibility exercises. Tell me which ones appeal to you, and I'll give you more information and help you work out the details.

1. Select one or two aerobic exercises that you believe you will enjoy. Find time to do these exercises on the weekends and at least one day per week - fast-walking/jogging, bicycling, walking on a treadmill, singles tennis, or your favorite. 

2. In the early morning or evening, even a little bit of exercise will lift your energy. Spend 10-15 minutes exercising in the evening while watching your favorite TV show. It can either be a structured exercise program or walking/jogging on the spot. The point is to just get moving. I can even suggest some activities that you can do during commercials!

3. Remember,  5-10 minutes of strength exercises two times a week at home can make a real difference in how you look and feel. I can help you choose some strength exercises to help you get stronger for your daily life.

4. I can help you find a few stretching exercises that you can do at your desk every day, or just before bedtime to relax. We can develop an exercise program that is convenient and sustainable into your weekly routine.