Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching Enhances Daily Personal Effectiveness

Master coaches have long been recognized for their abilities to impact the lives of athletes and executives. Personal effectiveness, health, and medical wellness coaches are now becoming known for helping people succeed in creating sustainable lifestyle changes. You can learn to uncover your true strengthss and live with vitality on an exhilarating personal path of well-being. Improve your health, fitness, relationships and world you live in and thrive! 

 Medical Wellness and Personal Effectiveness Coaching is a means of helping people live their best life:
  • Develop, implement and sustain health and wellness habits, promoting personal growth and happiness;
  •  Meet individuals where they are today and move successfully into the future; 
  • Develop stronger confidence in themselves, their relationships and world;
  • Establish and define their best self and personal path to thrive;
  • Create and live from a solid foundation of integrity;
  • Sustain a positive mindset to view past challenges as building blocks to new opportunities;
  • Identify and work with one's strengths;
  • Inspire and help each person go beyond their own barriers and self-imposed limitations;
Medical Wellness Coaching enhances daily personal effectiveness. Coaching helps people achieve positive, measureable, successful and sustainable changes for yourself, your family and your life.

Master coaches have many skills which become evident early during the coaching process. Great listeners, self-respect, self-acceptance, and the ability to inspire, energize, and challenge you to think deeper are only a few.

Coaches identify your strengths, core values, and celebrate your successes. They don’t rescue you from emotional turmoil, yet allow you to stand in “the swamp” to create a greater motivation to change.

HOW the Coaching PROCESS Works......personal effectiveness and medical wellness coaching has several stages:
  1. you provide background information through our well-being assessment, so your coach can  identify key issues and medical considerations;
  2. during your initial 60-90 minute coaching session, you identify your priorities, create a compelling wellness vision, a wellness plan and co-create with your coach 2-3 realistic goals;
  3. in the 30-45 minute  coaching sessions (which can occur weekly, monthly, or quarterly) you will review, upgrade and enhance your progress toward your vision, explore new ways to deal with your challenges and celebrate your successes and new insights;
  4. after each session, including the initial planning session, I will e-mail you our plan with action steps;
  5. By the end of a 3 month plan, you can expect to feel more confident, enthusiastic, happy and fulfilled.                                 
  6. Contact me for a complimentary coaching session.