Personal effectiveness and medical wellness coaching services

We manage a wide range of Medical Wellness and Personal Effectiveness, Life Coaching Programs to suit personal needs. Sessions do not expire. All sessions are one hour.   Please call (207)-522-5450 or e-mail us for more information to get started.  

                                                          All in-home or in-office sessions $250/hour.

                                            Customized Programs


We offer custom health programs that focus on common and very specific wellness, personal effectiveness and fitness interests. The following personal training and weight loss program are sessions $90/hour. In home sessions $140/hour.

Running or Walking Program-Your sessions cover everything from how to buy the correct shoes and running clothes, hydration, how to enter road races and proper stretching after your workout.  Reap the benefits of running or walking including lowering your blood pressure, increasing your “good” cholesterol, increasing cardiovascular health and revving up your metabolism. Empowering you for a lifetime begins with taking the first step with a successful trainer and medical wellness coach. 

 Weight Loss- A twelve week program that consists of personal training, including cardio-workouts, strength training, combined with weekly nutritional guidance and health/life coaching to create sustainable life changes.

Sport Specific Training Students or Adults- Individualized exercises are focused for achieving your sport specific goals to enhance and optimize your sport performance on and off the fields, prior to your season, during or after your sport season.

Improve Personal Effectiveness, Health and Fitness for Life- This program consists of a wellness program for creating sustainable life changes, as well as nutritional guidance with a strong focus on your unique needs for your body and mind.  Physical exercises are developed that strengthen common problem areas: abdominals and core, gluteus, inner/outer thighs as well as arms and shoulders. This life enriching program also focuses on improving your blood profile, nutritional needs for your age and other specific health related issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, stress, osteoporosis, posture and balance etc. 

Strength Train and/or Stretching- Low impact training, resistance work, balance, Pilates mat exercises and stretching are the focus of these sessions. for a more gentle and effective workout with superb results, this focus is for you.

Expecting Moms Workout- Your sessions will include stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce strain on the body, increase muscular endurance and strength, all of which will enhance your post-labor recovery.

Fit for Life is a medical wellness, personal effectiveness, lifestyle coaching group providing customized services that develop a client’s personal effectiveness and the ability to improve bottom line habits in health, exercise, wellness and daily living results. Fit for Life represents a powerful link between sustainable personal effectiveness and long term vitality and longevity. A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. Contact us to get started: 
(207) 522-5450 or


  • To develop new attitudes and perspectives about fitness
  • To renew confidence and enhance your self-esteem
  • To discover how to infuse passion into life
  • To discover your personal path to wellness and health
  • To develop an attitude that is more optimistic and positive
  • To find and create a purpose in your life
  • To find happiness by using the Law of Attraction 
  • To understand how to lose weight and what is holding you back 
  • To become more physically, mentally and emotionally fit for life

For further information on coaching and to request complimentary session please contact me today.



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