Jamie has worked with a number of my patients and done an incredible job. Sustained lifestyle change is very hard, particularly in the patients I sent to her. (MGH physician)
Jamie did a superb job with my patients and enabled many of them to make great improvements in their lives. Jamie did an excellent job of facilitating change in my patients. (MGH nurse)
Jamie is very good at collaborating with physicians and we often discussed our shared patients. She was also a pleasure to work with. (MGH physician)
Jamie has a tremendous enthusiasm for her work and shows her great passion for helping people to live better and healthier lives. (MGH physician)
Jamie has provided nutrition and exercise advice and she understood my circumstances very well. In fact, I rate her helpfulness on a scale of (1-10) a “10†and her motivation has really helped me to respect myself and to be able to say no to others when I cannot do something. I used to put people in the first place and now I put myself first and am feeling much better. (Dept. Head, Boston U)
My most important goal is to lose weight and I feel I can do this because my energy is very high and I am more motivated to care for myself because of the coaching I received from Jamie. (CFO)
Jamie’s personal effectiveness/wellness coaching performance including knowledge, helpfulness, understanding my circumstances, quality of advice and motivation is a “10†all around. (CEO)
I never have felt like I failed and my worries are much less. Since working with Jamie, I really appreciate the focus and energy she brings to each session. Personal effectiveness life/wellness coaching has given me different ways of thinking about problems and has taught me coping mechanisms. (Researcher)
Jamie’s advice has been great, I stay on track and if I get off track, we discuss how it happened and what I can do to keep me on track. I have lost weight and lowered my blood pressure, since I started seeing her. The biggest benefit is that I learned how to eat three square meals and snack throughout the day and still lose weight! (IT mgr)
Jamie helped me a lot with changing habits during our personal effectiveness and wellness sessions. She is very responsible, caring and easy to follow and trust. I am feeling stronger. I have lost weight and reduced my anger level. (a Mom)
I have found wellness and personal effectiveness coaching to be one of the most helpful exercises I have ever done. This coaching has helped change my life in many positive ways. (Financial Advisor)
Jamie’s instruction was well thought out and detailed... and I felt the advice was extremely high quality and bespoke. I used to think of diet and exercise as punishment and now I am more mindful of my body, mind and spirit. Coaching was extremely effective and my girlfriend noticed differences immediately. (UE, now Employed in Sales)
Jamie's best quality is caring for her clients. She has knowledge, experience, empathy and compassion for her client's situation. Before I did personal effectiveness and wellness coaching I was confused and full of anxiety about how to achieve my goals. (Financial Mgr)
I had little confidence in my abilities and myself. Today, because of Jamie’s coaching, my confidence has grown and my life is influenced by positive thoughts, self-reflection and the present experiences. I am not anxious any more about how to achieve my goals. I am more confident in my abilities and communication skills. (Corporate Executive)
Personal effectiveness coaching was much more than my superficial, rah-rah biased attitude. Jamie brings to coaching a high level of intelligence and knowledge with breadth and depth, wit and a positive attitude that is infectious. (Architect)
This was a new experience for me. I understand wellness and personal effectivness coaching and find it to be very beneficial! (Race Chairman)
My coach's best qualities were motivation and the ability to make me think about the motivations behind why I am doing what I am doing. My self-esteem is stronger. (Resident MD)
Jamie’s wellness coaching provided the impetus to my lifestyle changes and made me realize how out of control my eating habits and life and exercise were. I am down 56 pounds in five months since we first met in June and I am running 5 miles at a time. I ran my 5K on Thanksgiving in 39:45. I don't require any check-ins any more. (Female Business Owner)

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Do You Know What Appreciative Inquiry Is?

Posted by Jamie Johnson on Sat, Jul 06, 2013 @ 08:14 PM

"What is Appreciative Inquiry? ...taken from A Positive Revolution in Change: Appreciative Inquiry by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney. Ap-pre’ci-ate, v., 1. valuing; the act of recognizing the best in people or the world around us; affirming past and present strengths, successes, and potentials; to perceive those things that give life (health, vitality, excellence) to living systems 2. to increase in value, e.g. the economy has appreciated in value. Synonyms: VALUING, PRIZING, ESTEEMING, and HONORING. In-quire’ (kwir), v., 1. the act of exploration and discovery. 2. To ask questions; to be open to seeing new potentials and possibilities. Synonyms: DISCOVERY, SEARCH, and SYSTEMATIC EXPLORATION, STUDY. Appreciative Inquiry is about the coevolutionary search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them. In its broadest focus, it involves systematic discovery of what gives “life” to a living system when it is most alive, most effective, and most constructively capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. AI involves, in a central way, the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential. It centrally involves the mobilization of inquiry through the crafting of the “unconditional positive question” often-involving hundreds or sometimes thousands of people. In AI the arduous task of intervention gives way to the speed of imagination and innovation; instead of negation, criticism, and spiraling diagnosis, there is discovery, dream, and design. AI seeks, fundamentally, to build a constructive union between a whole people and the massive entirety of what people talk about as past and present capacities: achievements, assets, unexplored potentials, innovations, strengths, elevated thoughts, opportunities, benchmarks, high point moments, lived values, traditions, strategic competencies, stories, expressions of wisdom, insights into the deeper corporate spirit or soul-- and visions of valued and possible futures. Taking all of these together as a gestalt, AI deliberately, in everything it does, seeks to work from accounts of this “positive change core”—and it assumes that every living system has many untapped and rich and inspiring accounts of the positive. Link the energy of this core directly to any change agenda and changes never thought possible are suddenly and democratically mobilized. " Read the complete excerpt from A Positive Revolution in Change: Appreciative Inquiry by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney

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