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Transform Your Life: Tools for Empowering Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Effective Leadership, Optimal Health and Well-Being

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Leadership Traits that Enhance Personal Effectiveness

Do you have leadership traits that enhance your personal effectiveness? Do you have someone whom you respect, admire and value for their leadership traits? Do you appreciate someone for their unique leadership qualities and abilities they bring into your life, whether at home or at work? When I was growing up I had the opportunity to be surrounded by strong-willed, diligent family leaders who were purpose driven. They had very natural leadership skills, each to keep the family running with ease and holding each ofdescribe the image us accountable for continuing their legacy. The leaders of my family could manage crisis, generate change through constant testing, and were well-organized. They were spiritually aligned, well-balanced in work and family, and filled with genuine love for us all. These family leaders help me adapt to changing times when we would move or change schools and friends. My family leaders empowered me to become a well-rounded person, able to make decisions easily, with an uncanning ability to innovate, think and act. Today, I have easily recognized opportunities and have seen my world as a place where I take risks to discover hidden opportunities not consciously seen. I have learned to invest in myself and become a life knowledge seeker. I am learning to be candid and even more authentic, enjoying a good challenge to support what is meaningful and of purpose to me. I believe I had and still have grit, the ability to stand up for myself and achieve something of significance. What leadership traits do you recognize in people you look up to? Do they enhance your daily personal effectiveness? I enjoy stretching myself to broaden and build on my experiences and relationships for the good of the world. Enjoying the ebb and flow of life with passion and meaningful purpose makes each day an awe-some challenge. What traits do you value, respect and admire in your leaders? Or, do you need to find new leaders to inspire your personal effectiveness? Let me know.

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Motivation to Take a Risk

When was the last time you motivated yourself to take a risk in life? What does taking a risk mean to you? Recently, I joined the Harvard EdX staff for the Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey's, Immunity to Change (ITC) MOOC (massive open on-line course). I will be assisting students taking the ITC course and going through the ITC process again, myself, improving yet another aspect ofdescribe the image
my life. I am taking another risk (MOOC staff), expanding how and where I do lifestyle/health coaching. My passion... which is motivating and truly rewarding. Normally, I meet my clients in-person or via the telephone. I work with clients, ignite their passion and generate an internal motivation to create change, so they can transform their life. I am now involving myself in a new venue....a MOOC! My inner critic is quiet and I have accepted this challenge in spite of a real possibility of not succeeding. Yes, I have pushed myself into an uncomfortable intellectual situation where I will be learning, opening myself to being vunerable, as the course unfolds each week. This course is much bigger than anything I have challenged myself with and... I have pushed myself there! Having been an athlete all my life, I know I have grit and a true resilient spirit. (characteristics of people who succeed in life) Most challenging, athletic situations I have encountered on the court or playing field have been valuable learning experiences. I have learned to reflect on a technique, skill, play or strategy and then try another approach to become successful. I have succeeded in life because I have learned it is OK to fail, because I have gotten back up and used my emotional and intellectual tools to move on. When I reflect on the numerous times I have gotten back up with perserverance and self-determination, I smile. It really has worked! I have been successful! I continue to believe it is the grit and resilient spirit that is a true predictor of success. I believe I have taken this risk to face any insecurities I may have, be a role model for others to follow, and challenge myself to be even better than I am today. My plan is to be open minded to the possibilities of learning material in a way that is much bigger than me. I do not have the answers yet, although I love the exhilaration of taking an intellectual risk and generating a valuable learning experience. What appropriate risk will you take? Do you have the grit and resilient spirit to allow yourself to fail and then move on to succeed? Let me know what your challenge will be.

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Success of Personal Effectiveness Creates Joy & Rare Opportunities


Does the success of your personal effectiveness brim with joy and has it unleashed rare opportunities for you? Who's got your back covered? Who's pulling for you when times get tough? Do you have a champion who believes in your potential and is willing to go the distance...for you? As you just read...and did you notice, it is a two way street? You have to go the distance giving something back to the person who is your champion. When there is a win/win situation and both you and your champion are successful, joy and rare opportunities abound. describe the image

After meeting with six clients (some new and some who have been working with me for a while), I was reflecting on my energy level...vibrant, energetic, hopeful, thrilled to know a life has breathed a bit easier. I realized helping people discover more about themselves in order to live a better life and become the successful person they dreamed about....makes my success as a coach...that much more extraordinary. Qualities of educating and enhancing personal effectiveness, in each client, extended my reach into their lives with amazing leverage. These people were open to new possibilities and had the desire to build a trusting and loyal relationship with me. I realized I don't just show up and listen, I invest my time and create an alliance. I commit myself to my client's best interest. I finally gave myself that congratulatory pat on the clients need my support and skills. My clients also realize they are learning... they have everything they already need to make the changes in their lives. Again, I reflect and smile knowing I choose to be there... championing each client. They each have decided to join the journey and will go as far as they each choose. As they each unleash the magic of their personal effectiveness, they too will lead others and will continue to take risks to invest in making changes to continue learning and growing. As Victor Frankl said, "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." What progress are you going to make today to improve your lifestyle choices? Which of your relationships needs changing/improving? Is it with food, exercise, your job, your health, your spouse, your friend? What innovative ways will you choose in order to live a healthier lifestyle? Share what progress you make.

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Three Tips How Physical Activity Enhances Personal Effectiveness

Does physical activity enhance your personal effectiveness? Did you get the strong and clear message about physical activity? Three tips why physical activity enhances your personal effectiveness: 1. Physical activity is essential for the quality of daily living activities; 2. Physical activity is a strong factor for enhancing longevity as any health practice; 3. Physical activity optimizes thewalk with the surgeon general human spirit! So, why is physical activity something many people choose not to embrace as a priority in their life? What are you physically choosing to do that enhances your mood, your personal effectiveness, your mindset, your strong and healthy body, your life, your mood, your positive attitude, your relationships, your job, your connections with family, your emotional bank account, the fun in your life, your ability to flourish? Let me know why you are not embracing physical activity

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Personal Effectiveness Enhances Your Job Interview

Do your personal effectiveness skills enhance the possibility of landing your next job? Would you be able to answer the following quesitons effectively and with confidence when interviewing for your next job? If you are on the other end of the table and have to ask the questions, would you know why you are asking certain questions and what the answers you get are telling you about your candidate? People really want to tell you how hard they will work for you, so ask: what do you do to unwind? How do you unwind? It is important to work hard, although being able to rejeuvenate yourself is just as important to be at your best each day. If you want to know how self-aware your candidates are
ask: what misperception do people have about you? The questions really getsintegrity, personal effectiveness you thinking doesn't it? Another question to see if candidates reflect honesty is: why shouldn't I hire you to our team? This is a challenging question for me, because it challenges me to speak candidly and not just focus on the positivity of myself. When I was asked, what's most important to me about my work? I realized having people become successful, on their terms was an amazing piece to doing the work I do. I realized helping humanity thrive and enjoy the journey was so important and one of my core values. Have you been asked to describe a recent project and how you followed through on an innovative or creative project to make it successful? be asked: how could you have made this project twenty times better? It makes you really think in a different way than simply talking about your success. Have you ever been asked what your parents have taught you? My mind rushes to thoughts of unconditional love and such, although resiliency and learning from my choices hits the spot. So, the next time you prepare for an interview, for that job you always wanted, reflect on your answers to the above questions. Or, if you want to hire your most outstanding candidate, consider going deeper into who your candidtae is and what values they bring to your organization. When you get rejected for your position you applied for.....would you stand up for yourself and make your case known again with out becoming defensive? If you have the opportunity to interview in a group, can you tell the group who you want to work with from the group and reasons why? When you choose a top candidate, candidly state their top qualitiies and what inspires you... the chances for getting your job are enahnced. It reveals who is threatened and who is inspired to learn and grow. Let me know...How did your interview go? What did you learn about yourself? How were you successful? 

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Nutrition Choices Spark Improved Health

Have your nutrition habits sparked an improvement in your health lately? What have you learned about your food choices? I have made changes to my overall health because I was not feeling as energized as I believed I could be. I started by making small changes to the food I purchased and then consumed. So, first I decided no more high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogentated oils, artificial colors or flavors, no nitrates or nitrites and no modified ingredients. Wow, was Iwhole foods enhance your health surprised at the number of products that contained all of the above ingredients and have nothing to do with enhancing my health. It soon became clear that label reading was a must and a pattern began emerging. Most processed foods contained one or more of the above ingredients. Some of the foods I enjoyed were also laden with extra sugar and salt and had unhealthy oils and ingredients...and improving my health wasn't even an option. As my food choices began to change, I realized eating whole foods was my best option. As I began to eat more beans and lentils I also realized hidden chemicals and salt were added to most canned foods. Yikes! So, my mission to clean up my eating habits was more complicated that I ever imagined. Now, I love how I make choices about the food I eat. I was eating mindlessly and simply eating food that tasted a certain way instead of being of service to my body. Today, I eat gluten free oats and quinoa, berries and nuts for breakfast with maybe some organic yogurt. Lunch is all about fourteen or more veggies in my salad with olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. For dinner I enjoy more salad with wild salmon or fish crusted with almonds or nuts. I realize there are holidays and special events that involve foods which may not be as healthy for me and I know this is okay... every once in a while. Today, my blood profile is fabulous and I still do not rely on medications to make me healthy. My food choices serve my mission to be as healthy as possible and wow....I sure have learned alot! I plan more and enjoy more energy. The best part is that my clients all benefit from my improved experiences with food choices for optimal health. What have you done to change your eating habits or food choices? I look forward to having you share your successes with me. 

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Personal Effectiveness Inspires Greatness by Choice

Do your personal effectiveness skills inspire greatness within you? Do you choose to be great by choice? Do you work with a happy, energized and confident cohort of people? What is your bottom line when it comes to making a commitment to yourself or others? Greatness? (...attracting love and abundance to master your life?) What distinguishes your greatness from not-so-great cohorts? You may think that success has much to do with greatness. Others will challenge you with the thinking that your extraordinary experiences in dealing with your failures are what make you great. You may fail anddescribe the image continue failing. Although, when you fail and you are challenged to reach new capabilities, aren't you growing and learning? Do great leaders have to know everything? Isn't failure an inspiration to be great? When you choose to be great by choice, you choose to continue learning and reaching new heights. As you choose to be great, you may find you are more curious and will question why failure happened. Through this questioning you really are engaging yourself to learn how to solve your challenge. New ideas are generated and shared among cohorts. Solutions become a shared experience. You are open to new possibilities. Every time you fail you are given the opportunity to yourself choice! As you learn, your self-confidence thrives. As your self-confdence grows so does your resilient spirit, happiness and energy. Are you ever content with your successes? Do you have a deep inspiration to keep getting better by experiencing more and more failures? By engaging in your failures to learn, you find a new purpose to life and your personal success generates happiness. Do you believe after learning how to feel confident through and from your own failures, you now can have the opportunity to improve someone else's life....or engage others to learn with you? What challenge are you facing? Are you inspired to be great by choice? Let me know your successes from failing and how you embraced uncertainty.

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Personal Effectiveness: Honors Your Needs Without Alienating Others

Do your personal effectiveness skills allow you to honor your needs without alienating others? Do you allow yourself to say yes to people or situations in order that you benefit in some way? When you allow yourself to please others in spite of your authentic feelings you are really saying yes and want to say no. When you choose to not hurt anyone's feelings you really are unconsciously saying, I worry about what others will think of me. You also are saying, unconsciously, that your pattern of saying yes is simply an old way of believing how things should be done to get what you want. Old assumptions and beliefs are enabling your decisions which come from your fear of hurting others. What old pattern is allowing you to NOT honor your health? Will you be able to honestly identify what habit is simply an old assumption of what you thoughtdescribe the image must happen? When you were developing early in life you probably learned that pleasing other people would get you rewards or not getting yourself punished. Saying yes instead of no is simply a way of 1. not taking responsibility for something, 2. being open to learning and 3. actually recognizing you might grow more towards...being a better, happier, healthier, more resilient, positive person. If you feel agitated instead of peaceful....when you say yes....think about saying no and honoring your health. Making choices that serve your health can provide you with new meaning for living. In Gabriel Lightfriend's book, "A Brighter Life: Solving the Puzzle Called Cancer" states, "when you feel the negative emotion of being agitated instead of peaceful, the nervous system is affected negatively; feeling stifled instead of being expressive affects the throat; feeling unloved or insecure instead of feeling secure and loved affects the the heart; and feeling repressed instead of free affects the adrenals." So, the next time you want to say no instead of having to say yes, honor your health and begin to watch your confidence soar, your self-efficacy fly and your self-esteem boosted. When is the next time you will say no? When will you find the courage to say no? When is the next time you will honor your health? Let me know what you decided to do and how it impacted your life.

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Personal Effectiveness: Use Reflection to Discover Health Solutions

Do your personal effectiveness skills include "reflection" for discovering health solutions? Have you learned from your struggles or the struggles of other people by asking questions? How many people have shared their problems with you and really didn't have any idea how to find solutions because they didn't know why things weren't going their way? When reflecting on your health, you probably can tell me what is not right...what doesn't feel right...and what needs to change...true? Reflection then becomes a process of figuring out solutions you want to create and reflecting on what information you need. After this process begins, my clients start to believe in themselves and come to realize and understand that an open mind opens them to the possibilities to be educated. When my clients are ready to make changes, their desire for
improved health and feeling well inspires them to become persistent, determined, and more patient. It is through their suffering that they begin to believe in themselves again and self-efficacy soars. Their self-esteem improves. Their attitude becames more positive and the enjoyment of daily living flourishes. So, instead of becoming bankrupt due to rising healthcare costs, my clients feel better about taking back control of their health, making small changes which lead to enormous improvements. The benefit of having a coach is to educate you about what YOU want to learn, be your best advocate, help YOU generate solutions for making the changes YOU choose to make regarding your health. A great coach supports you to ignite a positive attitude which leads to a smile, which leads to learning, which leads to empowerment, which leads to curiosity, which leads to helping you live the life YOU want to live and how YOU want to feel. What changes are you going to start making today to live your best life? Will you reflect back on your past habits and reflect on a new plan of action? I look foward to hearing of your continued success and challenges!

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Ignite Involvement in Healthy, Holiday, Lifestyle Habits

What do you do to ignite the involvement in healthy, holiday, lifestyle habits? Will you be doing the same frustrating, negative and unhealthy role modeling throughout the holiday season? Your choice to enhance and promote healthier, holiday, lifestyle habits can generate positive feelings, improved connections which spark optimism and flourishing. What will you do to promote exercise as medicine for your family and friends? What new food choices will you add to your family holiday meal to encourage optimal health?describe the imageWill you use activedescribe the image listening to discourage emotional reactions to old patterns of behavior, beliefs and assumptions? Will your food choices be plant based to encourage feeling fabulous? Each holiday is a chance to heal. Despite all the confusion and media misinformation, you can begin to create and inspire health and extraordinary results. How will you encourage changes in your holiday health? What will you do to make this the best holiday season for yourself, family and friends? I would love to know what you choose to do!

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