How Much Healthy Power Do You Give Yourself?

Do you know what your relationship is with your healthy, personal power? Do you remain open to being teachable? Do you care for yourself... enough, so you have time to pursue your ambitions and dreams? Are you able to live intentionally, using your intutitve senses? Can you identify the gifts that your life has given you up until today? Fill out the following assessment and identify how authentic you are with yourself, in your relationships and in the world. Being able to express a healthy personal power, will enable you to be more personally effective in all you do.

You will learn the three key elements that are needed to:

  • manifest and sustain your healthy, personal power;
  • determine the areas that are your strengths;
  • identify the areas that may need upgrading.

Finally, you will be able to assess your healthy, personal power and discover what dimension of your personal effectiveness you need to begin improving to start living the life of your dreams.

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